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Paradise by the Dashboard Light

It’s not exactly a bun in the oven. Set in some halcyon time when angels and apocalypses are not pressing problems. Note: I am beginning to think that we have made a collective mistake in this whole “”gen”" idea. What I mean here is: sex is acknowledged, but not recounted, and nobody here is in an active sexual/romantic relationship, even though this is both a clichefic and by me. I know, I know!

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Chuck Versus the Uncanny

For the prompt: Chuck flashing on something Hanukkah related would be fantastic …! Three million bonus points if fellow Stanford drop-out Sam Winchester is in the Buy More at the same time. Haven’t you wanted to see this crossover since the moment Chuck won your heart? I know I have.

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Five Guns Dean Winchester Used to Have

Every gun makes its own tune.

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When You Wake (You’re Still in a Dream)

Tom meets Dean. Crossover with My Bloody Valentine. Set post-S4, when things have cooled down somewhat.

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Chuck Versus the Left Turn at Albequerque

A cliche bingo story: Chuck and Ellie on the run.

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