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Chuck Versus the Uncanny

For the prompt: Chuck flashing on something Hanukkah related would be fantastic …! Three million bonus points if fellow Stanford drop-out Sam Winchester is in the Buy More at the same time. Haven’t you wanted to see this crossover since the moment Chuck won your heart? I know I have.

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No Such AU

Lex is a spy!

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First Night

Not quite Hanukah-themed story: Dean and his baby.

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Moving Violations

This entry is part 4 of 6 in the series Knight Moves

For the prompt “meeting old friends, iPod”

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Parting Gifts

Slightly altered version of a prompt from chase820: Chuck/Blair. I would like to know what they would get each other for Christmas, esp. this year, when things are so odd between them. What do you get the girl/guy who has everything? Would it be a deed, or an object? Would the present perhaps be sentient?

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For giandujakiss, who wanted Dean/Sam or Dean/Castiel! Preferably with any angst resolved happily! Double preferably Dean/Castiel resulting in Dean/Sam! I made her beta too, along with coffeeandink. I’m going to declare that this also satisfies mangokulfi’s request for Dean/Castiel with side of jealous Sam, though it’s more like jealous Sam with side of Dean/Castiel. Because I never met a conduit I didn’t like, this also features Ruby.

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For the prompt: Sam/Dean, with kabbalah! Dean gets a new hunting partner. Also Dean/OC. Sexual content.

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