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The Glamorous Life

Dean’s infected by an incubus. Complications ensue. Disclosures: At least as many issues of consent as you’d expect. There’s also non-incubus nonconsensual sex. And, according to Thuvia, it’s a weirdly happy story, go figure.Notes: Thanks to betas Thuvia, giandujakiss, and geekturnedvamp. So, part of this comes from a great suggestion astolat had about Filthy Mind: Wouldn’t it be interesting if Dean had no objections to the sex in itself? I’m always fascinated by characters who have double standards for themselves and for others in terms of consent. Extra thanks to my fellow very valuable square for correcting me with the proper name for bingo at Harvard.

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Ugly Duckling

The Dean Winchester we see isn’t exactly how he started out. Cliche prompt: Mutation/physical transformation; allusions to sex and to possibly disturbing subject matter.

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