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Down Here
David Wilcox

Under the castle in the land of snore,
down in the dungeon where the weird are stored
all the different and the outcast sneak back home
after laughing in the bright lights all night long.
I’m lucky to be down with the cast aside
safe from the madness of the world we hide
with everybody free to come and go
under the radar of the status quo

Down here we always got each other
Down here and it’s how we know
Down here that we’re sister and brother
Down here in the land below
Down here we see you looking in
Down here with your longing stare
Down here we got a feeling of belonging
Down here because we’re not up there.

So you want to get close to the wild and strange
you want to stand at the edge of the river of change
you got a hungry soul, but a cautious mind
so you can’t quite leave your world behind
So you come for a visit, but you lose your nerve
out at the edges of the bell-shaped curve.
But I saw your soul when you dropped your fear
and came walking in the world of the wild down here.


I was only 4 maybe she was 5.
We were playing in the car parked in the drive
and it all started off with the one mistake
and that was the lever of the parking brake.
At the bottom of the hill we cranked it hard,
missed all the bushes in the neighbor’s yard.
Then picking up speed, running out of time,
we drove right into our lives of crime.


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