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Chuck Versus the Uncanny

For the prompt: Chuck flashing on something Hanukkah related would be fantastic …! Three million bonus points if fellow Stanford drop-out Sam Winchester is in the Buy More at the same time. Haven’t you wanted to see this crossover since the moment Chuck won your heart? I know I have.

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Paul and Sarah Redmond

Sean had stayed longer than even a best friend (not best man) could have been expected to, so Christian was unsurprised when he left after one last half-hearted attempt to get Christian off his ass. Off the altar. Funny how, when it came down to it, Sean had been the one willing to make a [...]

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Under Darkening Skies

The Winchesters take a job involving a demon-influenced woman and a powerful witch. Explicit heterosexual content (not, amazingly enough, involving Faith).

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